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distribution Geo-Proj4

The Open Source PROJ.4 library converts between geographic coordinate systems. It is able to convert between geodetic latitude and longitude (LL, most commonly the WGS84 projection), into an enormous variety of other cartographic projections (XY, usually UTM).


After a stable period of about 25 years under "version 4", the proj library has seen huge changes since 2018. The changes are too structural to adapt this module to match them.

You can still manually install this module with the '4' version with some effort: see wiki in git. I have no time or use to create a new module. Sorry.


You first have to install the libproj4 library. Most Linux distributions offer this. Otherwise, pick one of the following options.

Build library from scratch

Geo::Proj4 uses XS to wrap the PROJ.4 cartographic projections library. You will need to have at least version 4.4.9 of the PROJ.4 library installed in order to build and use this module. You can get source code and binaries for the PROJ.4 library from its home page at


An other way to get the library is by installing FWTools, available at

In case you have installed FWTools, set environment variable GEOPROJ_FWTOOLS_DIR to the right location, before running Makefile.PL

   export GEOPROJ\_FWTOOLS\_DIR=/home/myself/FWTools
   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install

Development → Release

Important to know, is that I use an extension on POD to write the manuals. The "raw" unprocessed version is visible on GitHub. It will run without problems, but does not contain manual-pages.

Releases to CPAN are different: "raw" documentation gets removed from the code and translated into real POD and clean HTML. This reformatting is implemented with the OODoc distribution (A name I chose before OpenOffice existed, sorry for the confusion)

Clone from github for the "raw" version. For instance, when you want to contribute a new feature.

On github, you can find the processed version for each release. But the better source is CPAN; to get it installed simply run:

   cpan -i Geo::Proj4


When you want to contribute to this module, you do not need to provide a perfect patch... actually: it is nearly impossible to create a patch which I will merge without modification. Usually, I need to adapt the style of code and documentation to my own strict rules.

When you submit an extension, please contribute a set with

  1. code

  2. code documentation

  3. regression tests in t/

Please note: When you contribute in any way, you agree to transfer the copyrights to Mark Overmeer (you will get the honors in the code and/or ChangeLog). You also automatically agree that your contribution is released under the same license as this project: licensed as perl itself.

Copyright and License

This project is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See