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Is there a game of baseball that is scheduled to occur today in which a participant is the squad known as the San Francisco Giants?
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Is there a Giants game?

A single serving web site for whether there's a game of San Francisco Giants baseball on a day.

See it at

Other days

You can ask about some other days besides today by including that day in the URL. For example, go to to see if there's a game tomorrow. Days you can use are:

  • today
  • tomorrow
  • a day of the week such as tuesday; the current day of the week refers to that day next week
  • a numeric date in YYYYMMDD format


Is there a Giants game? provides an API at:<day>

For day specify the day you're inquiring about, as on the regular website. (Unlike the web site, you must specify today to find out if there's a game today.)

The status code of the response shows whether there's a game that day:

  • 200 OK: there is a game that day
  • 204 No Content: there is a game, but it's an away game
  • 404 Not Found: there is not a game that day
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