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Modified jbackup

This version of SixApart’s utility incorporates Jesse Vincent’s modifications for using BerkleyDB instead of the GDBM library and additionally adds switches that allow the user to specify the configuration and the location of the sync database file.

Usage -- journal database generator and formatter

  Informative/behavior options:
    --help          Prints this help you see.
    --quiet         Suppress progress printing to standard error.

  Authentication options:
    --user=X        Specify the user to use for authentication.
    --password=X    Specify the password to use for the user.
    --md5pass=X     Alternately, provide the MD5 digest of the password.
    --journal=X     Specify an alternate journal to use.
                    NOTE: You must be maintainer of the journal.
    --server=X      Use a different server.  (Default:
    --port=X        Use a non-default port.  (Default: 80)
    --config=X      Specify a configuration file other than ~/.jbackup.

  Data update options:
    --sync          Update or create the database.
    --no-comments   Do not update comment information.  (Much faster.)
    --no-events     Do not update event information.  (Not much useful.)
    --no-friends    Do not update friends information.  (Tasty.)
    --dbpath=X      Store sync database in this directory.

  Journal modification options:
    --alter-security=X  Change the security setting of your public entries.
    --confirm-alter     Confirm that you wish to actually edit your entries.

  Data output options:
    --dump=X        Dump data in the specified format: html, xml, raw.
    --publiconly    When dumping, only spit out public entries.
    --file=X        Dump to specified file instead of the screen.

Usage examples:

   ./ --sync
Create or update the local copy of your journal.  You can put this command
in a cron or just run it whenever you want.

   ./ --alter-security=friends
If you wish to alter all of your public entries to be friends only, you can
use this command to see exactly what will be done.  If you are sure that
the program is going to take the actions you want, add the 'confirm-alter'
command line flag.  You can also specify private or the name of some friend
group that you have defined.

The script also checks for the presence of a ~/.jbackup file, and you can
put options into it like this: