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  • [ADD] .jshintrc file
  • [ADD] Myna.getStackLine
  • [ADD] Splunk logger type
  • [CHANGE] Added App-specific classloader support via $application.loadClass
  • [CHANGE] Modified Myna.exec to take arbitrary parameters and attach error output and exit code as sub-objects on return string
  • [CHANGE] Myna.log, Myna.PrintConsole, and Myna.printDump now also log file and line number called from
  • [FIX] error in Myna.exec: "options" is not defined.

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Notes: Minor authentication tweaks and move to GitHub

  • [CHANGE] Documentation update
  • [CHANGE] Updated Latest version and upgrade checks to use GitHub
  • [CHANGE] application.sjs files can now start and end with params ({ ...}) to make jshint happier
  • [CHANGE] auth.sjs linting
  • [CHANGE] dsp_login.sjs added support for phone scaling to default login page
  • [DOC] added some more docs to DataManager around related objects
  • [DOC] added some more docs to FlightPath MynaAuth plugin for "anyUserList" option
  • [FIX] Modified auth system to remember last provider used. This allows for basic auth in FlightPath when the same credentials match multiple users via different providers
  • [FIX] now caching latestVersion lookup, no more crashing when Internet is not available

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Release Name: 1.12.2

Notes: Improved installer, minor bug fixes

  • [ADD] $application.appStart property is now set to true inside the application start thread.
  • [ADD] Install mode for Myna now prompts for admin password, and pre-encrypts this into the myna config at install time
  • [ADD] interactive installer: Calling war file with no options now prompts for install options
  • [CHANGE] Cached statements in Myna.Query are now limited to 100. This should prevent "Too Many Cursors" error in Oracle
  • [CHANGE] added forceReload option to FlightPath.getControllerNames
  • [FIX] fixed AD group import to not try top import null auth types