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joel commented Oct 22, 2012

Changelog VERSION = '0.1.3'

Principals changes :

  • Switch from Jeweler Gem generator to simple Bundler gem generator
  • Switch to Rspec from TestUnit
  • Switch to HerokuAPI Gem instead of Heroku Client Gem
  • Configuration into yaml file (optionnal)

Requirements :

You need to defined two vars for your heroku app :

Go to your https://api.heroku.com/account for retreive your API Key

heroku config:add HEROKU_API_KEY=your_api_key -a your_app_name
heroku config:add HEROKU_APP_NAME=your_app_name -a your_app_name


You can changes thresholds into scaler_config.yml (It's totally optional)


You can test with this command line :

HEROKU_API_KEY=your_api_key HEROKU_APP_NAME=your_app_name *** bundle exec *** rake spec

joel commented Oct 23, 2012

Oups sorry have push on master, version 0.1.4 now ;)

And what if we would use environments method instead of thresholds ? 😊

HerokuResqueAutoScale::Config.environments.include? Rails.env.to_s

@joel joel closed this Sep 18, 2014

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