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jekyll.vim: Blogging from the command line should not be tedious.

This script is intended to automate the process of creating and editing Jekyll blog posts from within vim.


Install in ~/.vim, you can use the rake task to do this quickly:

rake install

Set the path to your Jekyll Blog in your vimrc:

let g:jekyll_path = "/path/to/jekyll/blog"

The default post suffix is "markdown" and the post status is published. You can override these if you like.

Example: let g:jekyll_post_suffix = "textile" let g:jekyll_post_published = "false"

You may also want to ad a few mappings to stream line the behavior:

map <Leader>jb  :JekyllBuild<CR>
map <Leader>jn  :JekyllPost<CR>
map <Leader>jl  :JekyllList<CR>

By default all posts are created as drafts (published: false in the YAML), to publish that post simply delete that line.


Build Jekyll site:


List Jekyll posts:


Create a new Jekyll Post:


If you are using git to store your blog, consider installing Tim Pope's vim-fugitive plugin. It allows you to use the following commands to speed things up.

Add and commit the current post:


Push the changes to the remote origin:

:Git push


License: Same terms as Vim itself (see license)