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A high performance Apache Solr log reader / parser. I am often faced with many gigs of Solr logs to analyze. This is how I cope.
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A high performance Solr log reader / parser.

Crunches and summarizes Solr log files.

java -jar slr.jar [file or folder path] {TextMatchAspect} {TextMatchAspect} {-o outputdir} {-r '2015-05-12 14:23:00' '2015-05-12 15:11:56'}

Example: java -jar slr.jar /solr/logs

An optional TextMatchAspect will pull out any logs with matching text and you can specify as many as you want, for example: java -jar slr.jar /solr/logs -o /results
Note: TextMatchAspect will only work when using -o to specify an output directory.

-o If you specify an outputdir, more verbose summaries are dumped to files in that folder as well as an html error chart.

-r You can filter processed log entries by timestamp range using the format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.

If a folder is given, logs are parsed in reverse order if they end with digits.
solr.log.2, solr.log.1, solr.log.0, etc

Logs that look like they come from different servers will be summarized separately.
solr-host1.log.1, solr-host1.log.0, solr-host2.log.0, etc

Optional Params

-nSlowQueries No. of Slow Queries to output, default value is 10.

-nSlowLoadTimes No. of Slow Load Times to output, default value is 5.

Getting Started

Download SolrLogReader:

Extract it.

Run it.

java -jar slr.jar /path/to/logs

Often you want all the extra output and separation you can get by using the -o output folder option.

java -jar slr.jar /path/to/logs /path/to/output

Timestamp Patterns

Timestamp patterns can be added or modified in config.txt.

timestamp1-dateformat=yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS

The first entry is a Java regex pattern for matching the timestamp. The first entry should capture two groups using parenthesis. The first group should capture the timestamp and the second group should capture the rest of the line.

The second entry is for parsing that match into a Java Date.

Entries will be tried until one matches. If none match, summary will be done without comparing timestamps.


Q: Can I just process the Solr logs in a deep directory hierarchy with lots of log files?
A: SolrLogReader /solr/logs/solr* A filename with a glob pattern will be used to match against file names for all files under the /solr/logs directory hierarchy.

Developer Help

I use eclipse to develop and run SolrLogReader. Here is how you might run it command line.


cd SolrLogReader-master
mvn install
javac -cp target/lib/ src/main/java/*.java*
java -cp target/lib/*:src/main/java SolrLogReader /path/to/logs

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