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+What is it?
+I wrote this query parser a few years back with the goal of creating something
+that could handle sentence/paragraph within n proximity searches, somewhat
+mimic legacy query syntaxes, allow a mix of proximity and boolean clauses
+(eg {mark | miller} 'within 3 words of' toast), and properly handle
+precedence of operators in a configurable manner. Qsol can be pretty powerful
+in that regard, but the code base is rather intense for a QueryParser and I
+haven’t waded into it for some time now – other than for the occasional bug
+fix. Most of the users of Qsol have rather niche requirements when it comes to
+a QueryParser. Qsol is configurable up the wahzoo.
+I saw that someone ported part of Qsol to Solr a while back, but I’m not sure
+how far along that patch is.
+Where is the Changes History?
+I wondered this myself. Then in the old svn repo I managed to dig qsol out of,
+I found the following commit comment:
+"This import replaces the old, the old having been defeated during the latter
+part of its short life. The old changes are lost forever, but the new is
+better in any case."

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