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The code used for the blogpost "Building a Simple Shiny Web App".
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images and videos


This repository contains the code used for the post Building a Simple Shiny Web App which can be found here.

The repository contains:

  • the code to build the Shiny app (app.R) in the City-Populations folder.
  • the UN City Populations data in the data folder (data source: here).
  • the images in the post (especially the reactive expressions and showcase mode images) in the images and videos folder.
  • two R scripts implicitly used in the creation of the post in the scripts folder:
    • create reactive expression diagram.R
    • data-preparation.R
  • the RStudio Project file (.Rproj file).

If you see any errors in the code, please let me know. Or if you have any comments about the post, please feel free to contact me.

You can visit my website at or find me on Twitter at @stevo_marky.

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