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The code used for the blogpost "Visualising Economics Indicators with ggplot2".
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This repository contains the code used for the post Visualising Economics Indicators with ggplot2 which can be found here.

The repository contains:

  • all the code that is shown explicitly and referred to in the post (visualising_economic_indicators_with_ggplot2.R).
    • for this post I have put all the code in one single file. But you may wish to consider splitting your R code into different files.
  • a data sub directory which contains the csv files that are downloaded from The World Bank.
  • a plots sub directory which contains all the plots that are explicitly shown in the post and those that are referred to in the post .
  • the RStudio Project file (.Rproj file).

The World Bank data is used in compliance with their Terms of Use. Datasets used are: The World Bank: GDP per capita (current US$) and The World Bank: Air transport, passengers carried.

If you see any errors in the code, please let me know. Or if you have any comments about the post, please feel free to contact me.

You can visit my website at

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