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-module (myfirstwebapp_app).
-export ([start/2, stop/1, route/1, request/1]).
start(_, _) -> nitrogen:start(myfirstwebapp).
stop(_) -> nitrogen:stop().
%% route/1 lets you define new URL routes to your web pages,
%% or completely create a new routing scheme.
%% The 'Path' argument specifies the request path. Your
%% function should return either an atom which is the page module
%% to run, or a tuple containing {Module, PathInfo}. PathInfo
%% can be accessed using wf:get_path_info().
%% Uncomment the line below to direct requests
%% from "/web/newroute" to the web_index module:
%% route("/web/newroute") -> web_index;
%% Uncomment the line below to direct requests
%% from "/web/newroute" to the web_index module,
%% with trailing PathInfo included:
%% route("/web/newroute/" ++ PathInfo) -> {web_index, PathInfo};
route(Path) -> nitrogen:route(Path).
%% request/1 is executed before every Nitrogen page, and lets
%% you add authentication and authorization. The 'Module' argument
%% is the name of the page module.
%% This function should return either 'ok' if processing can proceed,
%% or it can return a full-fledged page by treating it just like the main function
%% of a page. Alternatively, you can use the wf:redirect* functions to
%% issue a client-side redirect to a new page.
request(Module) -> nitrogen:request(Module).
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