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Scanty, a really small blog


Scanty is blogging software. Software for my blog, to be exact:

It is not a blogging engine, but it's small and easy to modify, so it could be the starting point for your blog, too.


  • Posts (shock!)
  • Tags
  • Markdown (via Maruku)
  • Ruby code syntax highlighting (via Syntax)
  • Atom feed
  • Comments via Disqus
  • Web framework = Sinatra
  • ORM = Sequel


$ gem install sinatra sequel sinatra-sequel maruku


The Blog config struct is loaded via heroku config vars or an optional config.yml file you can include in the root directory with the appropriate hash.

Then run the server:

$ ruby main.rb

And visit: http://localhost:4567

Log in with the password you provided in the Blog struct, then click New Post. The rest should be self-explanatory.


If you wish to activate comments, create an account and enter the website shortname as the :disqus_shortname value in the Blog config struct.

Import data

Christopher Swenson has a Wordpress importer:

Other kinds of data can be imported easily, take a look at the rake task :import for an example of loading from a YAML file with field names that match the database schema.


This project hasn't been maintained in about a year, so I restored it back to life. In the midst of restoration, I made it compatible with the latest Sinatra v1.0 and gave it a lighter theme.