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Short Story by AI

goal: generate a short story of tragic love based on a noun prompt



$ sudo pip install -U nltk

To run :

$ python "dog"

And then the man would say, "The dog recoiled, tail between his legs," which made no sense. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling that they pointed to the box.

Or a noun + adj:

$ python "dirty subway"

A man would say, "“Where’s the subway?” Jerry said." And I would reply, "Lily was in the subway." It was unsettling. Why was I dreaming about a subway? I thought it was because my life seemed so just outside of my reach.


  • corpus of 1000 short stories

  • generate sentences based on theme and noun prompt using tri-gram Markov Chains

  • Each action (see below) is implemented in action[3].py

  • Story is assembled by by the Story class

    • Noun prompt is categorized and parsed for adjectives by Noun class

    • Markov sentences are generated by tools/generated_sentence

Elements of a Story


  • assign gender, age, name for each character
  • names based on census names list (randomly assigned)


  • create season information and relationship to weather
    • description of setting based on weather
  • synonyms are swaped for word variety


EVENTS: actions at places

OPENING: Meeting = Characters + action (“meeting” in this case) + setting -> ACTION 1

Action Relation
ACTION 1: Marriage 1 relates to: ACTION 7
ACTION 2: Death leads to ACTION 3
ACTION 3: Funeral leads to ACTION 4
DIALOGUE 1: at Funeral relates to ACTION 3
ACTION 4: Burial relates to ACTION 3
ACTION 5: Reaction to death relates to ACTION 2 & THEME
ACTION 6: Meeting 1 lead to dialogue
DIALOGUE 2: at Meeting 1 relates to OPENING, ACTION 1, ACTION 2 & THEME
ACTION 7: Marriage 2 relates to ACTION 1 & DIALOGUE 2
ACTION 8: Meeting 2 relates to ACTION 6
DIALOGUE 3: at Meeting 2 relates to DIALOGUE 2 & THEME
RESOLUTION: Emotions, thoughts of protagonist at the end or ultimate situation


  • add structural variety + themes
  • more nuianced parsing of the input noun (wordnet categories)
  • additional strategically placed markov sentences
    • check grammar and word sense