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Overwatch Survey Analysis


Tested with Python 3.7.4, but earlier versions of Python3 should work.

Install & create virtualenv shell

pip install --user hatch
hatch shell
pip install -r requirements.txt

One-shot script

1. Prepare environment

To do the entire set of steps in a single command: first, make sure you're running in the python virtual environment by running:

hatch shell

If you're running on Windows, run the following to activate bash (assumes you have git bash or similar installed & in path):

sh -l

2. Run


That should be it. You should now be looking at the full HTML report in a browser.

Individual commands

If you want to muck around with the scripts or just run a single part of the pipeline, you can follow these steps, instead (all assume you've run hatch shell beforehand)

Preparing the data

The format of the google sheets survey results isn't great for using it with pandas/notebook etc. Transform it into a form that's more suitable for visualising the results.


Running the notebook

jupyter notebook

This will start a local server, and launch a browser tab pointing at http://localhost:8888/notebooks/

Exporting to Markdown

Note: While you can export to HTML via --to html, nbconvert exports a bloated page with unused CSS & base64-encoded images. It took the page from ~250KB to over 700KB! Instead, we export to Markdown, then build a static page using Jekyll.

In the activated hatch shell:

jupyter nbconvert --to markdown overwatch_survey\Analysis.ipynb --output-dir static_site

Remove the python code from the Markdown

While it should be possible to write a template that does this in the above nbconvert step, I couldn't get it working. Instead, run:


Building the HTML page

Install Jekyll (note: it's a bit of a pain if you want to install it on Windows)

Then run:

cd static_site
bundle exec jekyll serve


Overwatch hero survey analysis




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