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Modification of the Vehicle Synchronization include by RIDE-2DAY
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Vehicle Synchronization MRKS-MOD

This include is merely a modification of the real vSync by RIDE-2DAY.

This version is only YSI.


Improved GetVehicleNeonLightsState

  • Returns 0 if no neon lights installed. Instead of returning 1 if neon lights are installed, it will return the Model ID of the neon with it's color. Very useful for saving vehicle neon data. (18647 red, 18648 blue, 18649 green, 18650 yellow, 18651 pink, 18652 white)

Modified color randomization

  • While still using the original array of colors from Single-Player, and still syncing them across client, it will now genuinelly randomize each of them instead of trying to force likeliness of second color being white for some reason in some vehicles (probably to be more single-player like). I believe this works better in MP.

Other than what is stated above, everything else is the same. Documentation:

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