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An asset compression plugin for CakePHP. Provides file concatenation and a flexible filter system for preprocessing and minification.

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Make build timestamp file have more restrictive permissions.

This file will not need to be 0777 in most deployment scenarios. World
readable covers the situation where the CLI user and webserver user are
not the same, or in the same group.

While this could be achieved with sticky bits, basic permissions are
more reliable and portable.

Fixes #205
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Asset Compress

Build Status

Asset Compress is CakePHP plugin for helping reduce the number of requests, and optimizing the remaining requests your application makes for Javascript and CSS files.


  • Development mode builder that rebuilds assets on each request.
  • Command line build tool to compile static assets for deployment.
  • Built-in support for LESScss, Sass and CoffeeScript, as well as several minifiers.
  • Powerful and flexible filter system allowing you to add your own minifiers/pre-processors.
  • Simple configuration file.
  • Incremental builds that don't recompile assets when they don't need to be.


Clone or download the plugin into one of your plugin paths. Then make sure you load the plugin:

// in app/Config/bootstrap.php
CakePlugin::load('AssetCompress', array('bootstrap' => true));

You should make sure to load the plugin after configuring other dispatcher filters as the following will replace the configuration added by AssetCompress. For example using the default bootstrap.php, you should end up with something like:

// in app/Config/bootstrap.php
Configure::write('Dispatcher.filters', array(
CakePlugin::load('AssetCompress', array('bootstrap' => true));

Copy the Config/asset_compress.sample.ini to App/Config/asset_compress.ini. From there read the wiki for more information.


Documentation for AssetCompress is available on the github wiki pages


Please report any issues you have with the plugin to the issue tracker on github.


Asset Compress is offered under an MIT license.


2010-2012 Mark Story (


See the github contributors list


See CHANGELOG for changes only available on master. See github releases for changelogs on previous releases.

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