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AssetCompress v0.17
New features

* AssetCompressHelper::inlineCss() and AssetCompressHelper::inlineScript()
  were added. They allow build targets to be inlined into your HTML
* The development filter now caches build targets. This will improve
  performance when build targets don't change.
* The console tool clears the cached build outputs.


* Build targets with multiple `.` in them work correctly.

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AssetCompress 0.16
* Updated default configuration files.
* Fixed a issue with accessing build files while the build tool was being run.
  If you overwrote a deployment's files with the build tool, 404's would be served for
  the duration that it took to build a target.

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AssetCompress v0.15
* Build timestamp file is now generated with 0644 permissions instead of 0777.
* Fix raw asset links when js/css had multiple paths. This required making
  dynamic builds require the extension when combining raw links and dynamic
  build files.

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AssetCompress v0.14
* Fallback to `parse_ini_string` when `parse_ini_file` has been disabled.
* Added SimpleCssMin filter. It is a very basic replacement for node/java tools.
* Plugin script files are output correctly on windows when using the raw option.

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AssetCompress 0.13
* Added per install `.local.ini` config files. This allows you to store the
  build file descriptions in one file, and put environment specific
  configuration like platform specific paths to nodejs in a separate
  configuration file. Thanks QTSdev
* Added ClosureCompiler filter. This adds support for google's closure
  compiler webservice as a javascript minifier. Thanks jadb

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AssetCompress 0.12
* Several bug fixes.

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AssetCompres 0.11
* NodeJS based filters now work correctly on windows systems.
* Sprockets filter now supports theme: and plugin: prefixes.
* Added AssetCompressHelper::url() to get the URL of any known build file.

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AssetCompress v0.10
* Fix fatal error when asset files cannot be found.
* Themed assets can now be inlined with the ImportInline filter.

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Asset Compress 0.9
* Static assets will be re-built if the configuration file changes. This prevents issues
  where the configuration would result in different build files without the source files changing.
* AssetCompress will now attempt to load configuration files from all loaded plugins. If
  a plugin contains `Config/asset_compress.ini`, that file will be loaded and appended
  to the application configuration file.
* `ScssPHP` filter was added. This allows you to use SCSS without ruby dependencies.
* A new line is inserted between concatenated files. This helps fix parse errors when concatenating
  poorly authored javascript files together.
* Loading filters from the App dir works as documented.

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AssetCompres 0.8
* Fixed strict errors with CakePHP 2.3.
* Added filter for Hogan/mustache files.
* Improved theme file generation.

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