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use CGI;
$query = new CGI;
print $query->header;
print $query->start_html("Save and Restore Example");
print "<H1>Save and Restore Example</H1>\n";
# Here's where we take action on the previous request
&save_parameters($query) if $query->param('action') eq 'SAVE';
$query = &restore_parameters($query) if $query->param('action') eq 'RESTORE';
# Here's where we create the form
print $query->start_multipart_form;
print "Popup 1: ",$query->popup_menu('popup1',[qw{red green purple magenta orange chartreuse brown}]),"\n";
print "Popup 2: ",$query->popup_menu('popup2',[qw{lion tiger bear zebra potto wildebeest frog emu gazelle}]),"\n";
print "<P>";
$default_name = $query->remote_addr . '.sav';
print "Save/restore state from file: ",$query->textfield('savefile',$default_name),"\n";
print "<P>";
print $query->submit('action','SAVE'),$query->submit('action','RESTORE');
print "<P>",$query->defaults;
print $query->endform;
# Here we print out a bit at the end
print $query->end_html;
sub save_parameters {
local($query) = @_;
local($filename) = &clean_name($query->param('savefile'));
if (open(FILE,">$filename")) {
close FILE;
print "<STRONG>State has been saved to file $filename</STRONG>\n";
print "<P>If you remember this name you can restore the state later.\n";
} else {
print "<STRONG>Error:</STRONG> couldn't write to file $filename: $!\n";
sub restore_parameters {
local($query) = @_;
local($filename) = &clean_name($query->param('savefile'));
if (open(FILE,$filename)) {
$query = new CGI(FILE); # Throw out the old query, replace it with a new one
close FILE;
print "<STRONG>State has been restored from file $filename</STRONG>\n";
} else {
print "<STRONG>Error:</STRONG> couldn't restore file $filename: $!\n";
return $query;
# Very important subroutine -- get rid of all the naughty
# metacharacters from the file name. If there are, we
# complain bitterly and die.
sub clean_name {
local($name) = @_;
unless ($name=~/^[\w\._\-]+$/) {
print "<STRONG>$name has naughty characters. Only ";
print "alphanumerics are allowed. You can't use absolute names.</STRONG>";
die "Attempt to use naughty characters";
return "WORLD_WRITABLE/$name";
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