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The easiest way to write a webapp with Perl
=== ABOUT ===
That project intends to become a port of Ruby's Sinatra framework: a framework
for building web application with minimal-effort in mind.
The user should be able to define a webapp with very few lines of codes.
=== NEWS ===
Dancer's development moves very fast, to stay tuned follow
sukria on Twitter:
=== EXAMPLE ===
To create a new Dancer application, use the helper script "dancer" provided
with this distribution:
$ dancer -a mywebapp
+ mywebapp
+ mywebapp/config.yml
+ mywebapp/views
+ mywebapp/views/layouts
You have then a new Dancer application in 'mywebapp'.
Here is an example of a webapp built with Dancer:
use Dancer;
get '/' => sub {
"Hello There!"
get '/hello/:name' => sub {
"Hey ".params->{name}.", how are you?";
post '/new' => sub {
"creating new entry: ".params->{name};
When running this script, a webserver is running and ready to serve:
$ perl ./
>> Listening on
== Entering the dance floor ...
Then it's possible to access any route defined in the script:
$ curl http://localhost:1915/
Hello There!
Feel free to fork that project if you like the idea and want to add some
Dancer depends on the following modules
- HTTP::Server::Simple
- File::MimeInfo
- Template
This is a work in progress.
Dancer supports PSGI/Plack, to run a Dancer app with PSGI/Plack
=== WEBSITE ===
For more details about the project, checkout the official website:
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