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This is the roadmap of upcoming developments
* Route caching support
When a path is firstly resolved through the route tree, we should
cache the result for future calls.
The path would be the cache key, the first route the value.
1 - GET / -> first call, so browse the route tree
2 - GET / -> second call, return cache('/');
* Conditions support for route matching:
get '/foo', {agent => 'Songbird (\d\.\d)[\d\/]*?'} => sub {
* Prefix support
Could be great to be able to define a prefix path for each
route hanlder defined then.
Would work like the following:
prefix '/home';
# any route handler and before filter is applied to /home/*
get '/page1' => sub { }; # will match '/home/page1';
prefix undef;
# no more prefix
get '/page1' => sub { }; # will match /page1
And that should also work for before filters:
prefix '/home';
before sub { must_be_authenticated }; # this filter only applies to /home/* paths