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git-cpan-module:   SQL-Interp
git-cpan-version:  1.01
git-cpan-authorid: MARKSTOS
git-cpan-file:     authors/id/M/MA/MARKSTOS/SQL-Interp-1.01.tar.gz
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@@ -1,3 +1,13 @@
+1.01 2007-07-15
+ - No code changes. Just some doc improvements.
+ - Add details about the fork to "See Also" (suggestion from Juerd).
+ - mention that SQL::KeywordSearch supports SQL::Interp-style results
+ - mention DBIx::Simple support for SQL::Interp
1.00 2007-07-06
- forked as SQL::Interp / DBIx::Interp from SQL::Interpolate
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
name: SQL-Interp
-version: 1.00
+version: 1.01
- David Manura (
- Mark Stosberg <>
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ provides:
file: lib/DBIx/
file: lib/SQL/
- version: 1.00
+ version: 1.01
file: lib/SQL/
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
package SQL::Interp;
-our $VERSION = '1.00';
+our $VERSION = '1.01';
use strict;
use warnings;
@@ -782,6 +782,27 @@ See L<>.
=head1 See Also
+=head2 Fork
+This module was forked from L<SQL::Interpolate>, after the author of
+SQL::Interpolate was no longer heard from. The core functionality remains
+unchanged, but the following incompatible changes have been made:
+- The optional source filtering feature was removed.
+- The optional "macro" feature was removed.
+- A legacy, deprecated function "sql_literal" was removed.
+- The docs were overhauled to try to be simpler and clearer.
+So if you want those removed features, you should use SQL::Interpolate. I used
+it for years without those optional features and never missed them.
+Also, there were a few improvements to SQL::Interpolate which were never
+officially released in that name space because the author disappeared. So,
+SQL::Interp, also has the improvements from 0.33 to 0.40 in SQL::Interpolate.
+These were mostly made by the author or other contributors, and are expected to
+appear in the next official release of SQL::Interpolate, when and if that happens.
=head2 Other modules in this distribution
L<DBIx::Interp|DBIx::Interp> allows DBI methods to accept an
@@ -807,11 +828,8 @@ expressivity of the database query language.
L<DBIx::Simple|DBIx::Simple> strives to simplify SQL generation as
well as the data structures returned from
-L<DBI|DBI>. C<SQL::Interp> and the related modules don't try to
-handle C<DBI>'s results at all. C<DBIx::Simple> currently can use
-L<SQL::Abstract|SQL::Abstract> to help generate SQL, and it may be
-possible in the future for the same to be done with
+L<DBI|DBI>. C<DBIx::Simple> currently can use
+L<SQL::Interp|SQL::Interp> to help generate SQL.
=head3 Class::DBI
@@ -839,5 +857,11 @@ SQL::Interp but it is more rudimentary. Both let you combine
transform it into an SQL string and list of bind parameters suitable
for passing to DBI.
+=head3 SQL::KeywordSearch
+L<SQL::KeywordSearch|SQL::KeywordSearch> helps generate SQL for a keyword search.
+It can return the result in a format compatible with L<SQL::Interp> to become part
+of a larger query.

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