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Changes History of this package
MANIFEST This file
Makefile.PL Will create 'Makefile' to build this extention Bootstrap & documentation
Parser.xs XS glue
README The Instructions
TODO Ideas and things still left to do
eg/hanchors Extract all links from a document
eg/hdump Show how a document is parsed
eg/hform Parse <forms> using HTML::PullParser
eg/hlc Downcase tag and attribute names
eg/hrefsub Do substitutions on link attributes
eg/hstrip Stip away certains tags/elements and attributes
eg/htext Leave only the text
eg/htextsub Do substitutions only on the text content
eg/htitle Extract document title
hints/ Avoid compiler bug
hparser.c Parser implementation
hparser.h Parser implementation (data structures)
lib/HTML/ Encode and decode entities in strings
lib/HTML/ HTML::Filter class
lib/HTML/ HTML::HeadParser class
lib/HTML/ HTML::LinkExtor class
lib/HTML/ HTML::PullParser class
lib/HTML/ HTML::TokeParser class
mkhctype Generates 'hctype.h'
mkpfunc Generates 'pfunc.h'
t/api_version.t Test api_version constructor option
t/argspec-bad.t Test various bad argspec arguments
t/argspec.t Test argspec
t/argspec2.t Test new argspecs @attr, @{...}
t/attr-encoded.t Test attr_encoded option
t/callback.t Use callback to get data
t/case-sensitive.t Test case_sensitive option
t/cases.t Test various interesting cases
t/comment.t Test comment parsing
t/crashme.t Parse random data
t/declaration.t Test declaration parsing
t/default.t Test default handler
t/document.t Test {start,end}_document behaviour
t/dtext.t Test dtext decoding of entities
t/entities.t Test encoding/decoding of entities
t/entities2.t Test _decode_entities()
t/filter-methods.t Test ignore_tags, ignore_elements methods.
t/filter.t Test HTML::Filter
t/handler-eof.t Test invocation of $p->eof in handlers
t/handler.t Test $p->handler method
t/headparser-http.t Test HTML::HeadParser
t/headparser.t Test HTML::HeadParser
t/ignore.t Test elements ignored by handler = '' or 0
t/largetags.t Test with very large tags
t/linkextor-base.t Test HTML::LinkExtor
t/linkextor-rel.t Test HTML::LinkExtor
t/magic.t Test that checking magic head in p_state works
t/marked-sect.t Test marked section support
t/msie-compat.t Test some MSIE compatibility edge cases
t/offset.t Test attrspec offset
t/options.t Test set/get for various parser options
t/parsefile.t Test the $p->parse_file() method
t/parser.t Test HTML::Parser subclassing
t/pod.t Test pod correctness
t/plaintext.t Test parsing of <plaintext>
t/process.t Test process instruction support
t/pullparser.t Test HTML::PullParser
t/script.t Test parsing of <script> with quoted strings
t/skipped-text.t Test skipped_text argspec
t/stack-realloc.t Test that stack reallocation bug don't come back
t/textarea.t Test handling of <textarea>
t/threads.t Test thread safety
t/tokeparser.t Test HTML::TokeParser
t/uentities.t Test encoding/decoding of Unicode entities
t/unbroken-text.t Test unbroken_text option
t/unicode.t Test parsing of Unicode text
t/unicode-bom.t Test handling of the Unicode BOM character
t/xml-mode.t Test parsing in XML mode
tokenpos.h Dynamically sized token_pos arrays
typemap Convert between HTML::Parser and 'struct p_state'
util.c Some utility functions
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