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Uniview based visualization projects
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UniView Based Visualization Projects

The Dynamic Universe

Grand Tack

A UniView model visualizing the Grand Tack Scenerio, a model for planetary migration in the early solar system that was published by Walsh et. al in 2011 in Nature. In this model Jupiter migrates all the way inward to 1.5 AU (Mars' current orbit), Saturn migrates in later, gets caught in a 3:2 resonance with Jupiter and then both planets migrate back out.

This model explains a numbers of longstanding questions such as the low mass of Mars, and why the Asteroid belt contains both rocky and icy objects.

  • Grand Tack iPython notebook for taking data captured from figure 1. of the Nature paper and outputting a USES style data file.
  • GrandTack the UniView data module.

Pulsing Pulsars

A Uniview data module that displays the 3D position of known pulsars in our Galaxy. Markers at the position of each pulsar are scaled according to the pulsar's luminosity and pulse according to the pulsar's pulsation period.

Cosmic Flows

A Uniview data module that displays the peculiar velocities of nearby galaxies.

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