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Err Backend for Cisco Webex Teams
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This is an err ( backend for Cisco Webex Teams ( (formally Cisco Spark).

This repo is based off my previous Cisco Spark repo ( but with one big difference: this uses websockets and not webhooks to communicate with Webex Teams. This makes a big difference when it comes to deploying your bot behind a firewall or NAT device as the connection is initiated outbound and held open so there are no need for webhooks, firewall/nat changes, or tunnels (like NGROK) to provide access to your bot.

The websocket implementation comes from:


This backend is currently under development.


git clone

To your errbot file add the following:

BACKEND = 'CiscoWebexTeams'
BOT_EXTRA_BACKEND_DIR = '/path_to/err-backend-cisco-webex-teams'

Bot Configuration

To configure the bot you will need a Bot TOKEN. If you don't already have a bot setup on Cisco Webex Teams details can be found here:

    'TOKEN': '<insert your token in here>',

In a Webex Teams GROUP room (more than two people), to direct a command to the bot you need to prefix it with the name of the bot as you would any other person in the room (for example, type @ and select the bot name). As Webex Teams will prefix the command with this name it is important that it is stripped from the incoming command for it to be processed correctly. To achieve this add your bot name (exactly as configured in Webex Teams) to the BOT_PREFIX:

BOT_PREFIX = 'my-webex-teams-bot-name '

In a Webex Teams DIRECT room chat with the bot the bot prefix is not sent with the command. Ensure to enable BOT_PREFIX_OPTIONAL_ON_CHAT so that the prefix is not required for direct communication:



I unrestrainedly plagiarized from most of the already existing err backends and cgascoig's ciscospark-websocket implementation (


Happy to accept Pull Requests

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