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Yii easy debug class

This is a simple class that will help any developer to debug programs written on the Yii

How it work

To view the value of a variable on-screen debugging, you need to write code:


To make the display on the screen, you need to write code:

Debug::out($local = true);

Intallation in Yii

This class we will establish the framework Yii, but it can be used anywhere. To do this, copy the file Debug.php to the folder components and verify configuration Yii, the class is automatically connected:


Next, you need to make a call to debug output. This can be implemented such in your controller, overriding the render method:

public function render($view, $data=NULL, $return=false)
	global $local;
	parent::render($view, $data, $return);

What's the variable $local? If you are running two versions of the program, development and production environment, then in the config of the developepment environment $local variable must be equal to true.

Another exemplary embodiment without variable $local and output in footer:

public function render($view, $data=NULL, $return=false)
	parent::render($view, $data, $return);