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crankyoldgit IRMQTTServer: Convert IR A/C messages to Common A/C format. (#705)
- Convert captured IR A/C messages and update the internal/MQTT climate state.
- Supports all "common" supported A/C messages.
  * Note: Argo and Trotec don't currently have decoders so will not work in practice.
- Relevant unit tests.
- Update numerous A/C classes/protocols to current code standards.
- Major rework/breaking change to Argo A/C support.
- **[BUG]** Fixed a bug with setMode()/getMode() for HAIER_AC.
- Update Denon to use the proper constant name style.
- Add #define switches _IRMQTTServer_ to control new functionality:
  * USE_DECODED_AC_SETTINGS: Whether we use the new functionality or not
  * IGNORE_DECODED_AC_PROTOCOL: Allow other A/C remotes to control non-same A/Cs
  * REPLAY_DECODED_AC_MESSAGE: Do we replay the decoded A/C message or not

Tested on a Nodemcu board with a Kelvinator A/C remote. Appears to work as

For #702
FYI #668
Latest commit 676095c May 19, 2019
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