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@Jocs Jocs released this Aug 7, 2019 · 7 commits to develop since this release

Highlighted features in version 0.15.0:

  1. New settings window to make your personal preferences easier.
  2. New folder search engine that support regular expressions and support for capitalization.
  3. Rewrite the image component in the editor to support drag and drop upload. Images can be uploaded to the GitHub repository or various other services in the future.

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Change Log

⚠️Breaking Changes:

  • is deprecated and no longer supported. Please use the GUI.
  • Removed portable Windows executable. NSIS installer can now be used to install per-user (without administrator privileges) or machine wide.
  • Added portable zip archive for both x86 and x64 Windows.
  • Changed viewToggleFullScreen and windowCloseWindow key bindings to windowToggleFullScreen and fileCloseWindow.
  • Removed viewChangeFont key binding.
  • Mark Text is now single-instance application on Linux and Windows too.


  • feat: add underline format (#946)
  • Added GUI settings (#1028)
  • The cursor jump to the end of format or to the next brackets when press tab(#976)
  • Tab drag & drop inside the window
  • add tab scrolling and drag&drop (#953)
  • Support to replace the root folder in a window
  • Second-instance files and directories via command-line are opened in the best window
  • Mark Text can use a default directory that is automatically opened during startup (#711)
  • New CLI flags: --disable-gpu, -n,--new-window and --user-data-dir
  • Find in files use ripgrep as searcher.
  • You can know automatically save your document after a predefined intervall.
  • feat: support prism language alias (#1031)
  • Allow to set editor line width and window zoom (disabled due #1225) (#1092)
  • feat: add click delete url to clipboard when upload image to SMMS (#1173)


  • optimization of cursor, and fix some cursor related issues (#963)
  • Rewrite select all when press CtrlOrCmd + A (#937)
  • Set the cursor at the end of # in header when press arrow down to jump to the next paragraph.(#978)
  • Improved startup time
  • Replace empty untitled tabs (#830)
  • Editor window is shown immediately while loading
  • Adjust titlebar title when using native window to not show a duplicate title
  • Added Noto Color Emoji as default emoji fallback font on Linux to display emojis properly.
  • feat: add two event focus and blur of muya (#1039)
  • opti: add katex css only when there is math fomular in export html (#1038)
  • Refactor inline image to support paste/drop image (#1028)
  • opti: insert last paragraph when the last block is table, code block or no-empty paragraph (#1069)
  • Opti: update TOC if needed (#1088)
  • feat: scroll to cursor when switch between tabs (#1089)
  • add: auto save with delay (#1093)
  • Opt-in uploader services and add legal notices (#1113)
  • Add ripgrep as find in files backend (#1086)

🐞Bug fix

  • Fixed some CommonMark failed examples and add test cases (#943)
  • fix: #921 reference link render error (#947)
  • fix: #926 summary element can not be click (#948)
  • fix: #870 list parse error (#964)
  • Fixed some bugs after press backspace (#934, #938)
  • Changed inline math vertical align to top (#977)
  • Prevent to open the same file twice, instead select the existing tab (#878)
  • Fixed some minor filesystem watcher issues
  • Fixed rename filesystem watcher bug which lead to multiple issues because the parent directory was watched after deleting a file on Linux using rename
  • Fixed incorrect file content after a watched file was edited externally (#1043)
  • fix: toc content vanish bug (#1021)
  • fix paragraph turn into list bug (#1025)
  • fix: #1018 paste error when the lastblock is html block (#1042)
  • fix: parse inline syntax error (#1072)
  • fix: insert image by image uploader, but can not copy and paste, because it is render the local url (#1070)
  • Fix: #1045 can not select all content in source code mode (#1085)
  • fix: TOC level error (#1087)
  • fix watcher out of range exception (#1095)
  • Opti: image icon style (#1098)
  • delete image triggers muya change (#1125)

⚠️Breaking Development Changes:

  • Renamed npm script build:dir to build:bin


Binary SHA256 checksum 556275B2501ACB1B589650BF14E906F004BAAC2FD52AE77AEAE725F522E83089 24fdf8923e05d7b386fda06f8776c1cf04319c49c73a83695b4882fcff33e215 E6BF0B0967F5AC78C70FA1CA1F90F2280024BF558644BDBC982EB4103A519862
marktext-0.15.0-x64.tar.gz c6b5600dda6b6b1328359a236c0d0499a08e733d5b610a6eaf9b5ed8c1fcb6db
marktext-0.15.0-x86_64.AppImage 0e58f2fda48aa3fb8dec33c33fab6491e2c693820dd55c5bca4469cf21625735
marktext-0.15.0.dmg 59865dbcd317bb8330321f51e4d4d4c95429633d4cc189fa28085720faa9d09f
marktext-setup-0.15.0.exe 022315CEE8F8157317CFFA02385D31B4D4B8B5547CA752FFFC6FA3C71FEFB6E4
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