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A FileInputStream that logs throughput (KB/s) of reads.

(Nothing really file-specific about most of it, actually--could easily be adapted for an InputStream instead)

Makes reasonable attempts to be robust and low-overhead. Here's the plan:

  • Each TelemetryFileInputStream instance logs the size of each read to a shared Telemetry instance. Right now that means taking a mutex, but it isn't held for long. The observation is written to a circular buffer and we cross our fingers that we don't run out of space.

  • An aggregation thread wakes up periodically (1 second by default), grabs the mutex and tallies up the observations seen in the last second. The aggregated "timestep" total is written to a second array, and the circular buffer is cleared.

  • When we have accumulated enough timestep values to cover a report period, we publish a copy of the array (via AtomicReference). The goal here is to decouple the (critical path) aggregation process from IO.

  • A third reporting thread wakes up periodically and checks to see whether a new report has been published. If so, it logs it.

If the circular buffer fills up, it just wraps around but shouldn't cause problems. A warning is logged if that happens and the affected stats are skipped.

If logging stalls for some reason, it shouldn't matter: the aggregation thread will just publish reports that nobody ever reads. Some people make good careers doing that.


A FileInputStream with the glitz of statistics!




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