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1 parent 784896d commit 0736fa30c9710815ec204090490215e5d7b7cdcf @marktriggs committed May 13, 2012
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  1. +6 −6 src/xml_picker_seq/core.clj
@@ -2,28 +2,28 @@
(:import [java.util.concurrent LinkedBlockingQueue])
(:use [ :only [reader]]))
-(defn root-element? [#^nu.xom.Element element]
+(defn root-element? [^nu.xom.Element element]
(instance? nu.xom.Document (.getParent element)))
-(defn- extract [#^ rdr record-tag-name extract-fn enqueue]
+(defn- extract [^ rdr record-tag-name extract-fn enqueue]
(let [empty (nu.xom.Nodes.)
keep? (atom false)
factory (proxy [nu.xom.NodeFactory] []
- (startMakingElement [name ns]
+ (startMakingElement [^String name ^String ns]
(when (= (last (.split name ":")) record-tag-name)
(reset! keep? true))
- (let [#^nu.xom.NodeFactory this this]
+ (let [^nu.xom.NodeFactory this this]
(proxy-super startMakingElement name ns)))
- (finishMakingElement [#^nu.xom.Element element]
+ (finishMakingElement [^nu.xom.Element element]
(when (= (.getLocalName element) record-tag-name)
(when-let [value (extract-fn element)]
(enqueue value))
(reset! keep? false))
(if (or @keep? (root-element? element))
- (let [#^nu.xom.NodeFactory this this]
+ (let [^nu.xom.NodeFactory this this]
(proxy-super finishMakingElement element))
(.build (nu.xom.Builder. factory)

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