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#Diving In: Practical Tips for Writing Custom Plugins

This repository serves as companion code to my talk Diving In: Practical Tips for Writing Custom Plugins at EECI 2012. All of the non-client specific code samples are contained in named branches in the repository. The plugin file (eeci_demo/pi.eeci_demo.php) appears as it would exactly in your third_party folder in an EE installation and index.html contains the tags as they would be used in a template.

The branches match sections in "Section II: Getting it Written" as follows as well as the CI section toward the end of the presentation:

  • Blank Plugin Templates - master
  • The Simplest of Plugins - simplest_plugins
  • Plugin Methods - plugin_methods
  • Passing Parameters - passing_parameters
  • Tag Pairs - simple_tag_pairs
  • Complex Output - tag_pairs
  • Returning Muliple Results - returning_multiple_results
  • Nested Tag Pairs - nested_tag_pairs
  • Using CI Libraries - ci_library
  • Using CI Helpers - ci_helper

To see the code related to each section, use the built-in Github branch switcher or, once cloned locally, use the command git checkout origin/branch_name to view the code or git checkout -b branch_name origin/branch_name to work with the code.

The slides are available online at Speaker Deck.

Additional resources from my talk:


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