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Applications of Declarative Markup

Applications clarifying and showcasing the advantages of declarative markup

The goals of the Markup Declaration are to clarify and showcase the advantages of declarative markup. Although extensive real-world applications of declarative markup exist today, and millions of users already use XML (sometimes without knowing it), there is a lot to be done to explain and illustrate its advantages.

The community at large can have a tremendous impact. Practitioners of declarative markup can share their knowledge through simple tutorials, lists of available resources, detailed descriptions of applications, or simply sharing their experiences of dos and don’ts.

Let’s start by opening as many issues as possible and establish a definitive list of applications or tutorials that needs to be documented or enhanced to extend the convenient and everyday use of declarative markup.

Please open one issue at a time, categorized by main subject.

Issue titles might include:

  • Is there a tutorial on principles of declarative markup?
  • Pointers to existing resources on declarative markup
  • Why is UBL good for Norway?
  • How are Healthcare records using XML?

When an issue needs a detailed description, a new page on the wiki can be associated with the issue and edited collaboratively.

Technologists building platforms and tools for declarative markup: please participate in Technologies

Please join in the overall Markup Declaration conversation!


Applications of Declarative Markup






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