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Technologies for Declarative Markup

Core technologies used to create, store, find, read, transform, re-use, and preserve declarative markup

Although a lot of platforms and tools for declarative markup exist today, there is still a lot to be done to bring the usage of declarative markup to its full potential.

Examples include XML support in the browser, XML authoring for end-users, and much more.

Today, the community at large can have a tremendous impact: unlike the early days of markup technology, most of the tools that we would need are now open source or can be extended easily (e.g. many proprietary browsers and tools support open formats and APIs).

Let’s start by opening as many issues as possible and establish a list of technologies that we want to see created or enhanced to extend the convenient and everyday use of declarative markup. Issues could be for example about general code for declarative markup, declarative markup standards, tools for specific markup vocabularies…

Please open one issue at a time, categorized by main subject.

Issue titles might include:

  • How do we implement full XML support in the Browser ?
  • What do we need to change to get XML search results on the web?
  • How do we implement XForms in the browser?
  • Additional tools needed for UBL
  • Do we need a new standard for Linking?

When an issue needs a detailed technical description, a new page on the wiki can be associated with the issue and edited collaboratively.

Practitioners of declarative markup: please share your knowledge in Applications

Please join in the overall Markup Declaration conversation!


Technologies for Declarative Markup






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