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Author: Markus Kusano <mukusano at vt dot edu>


LLVM source code and object files (tested using LLVM-3.2). Clang is required to make LLVM bitcode files from C/C++ source code.

The source is released under the University of Illinois/NCSA public license (free, non-viral/copyleft).

CCMutator has been tested on 32-bit Gentoo Linux and Ubuntu 12.1.


CCMutator is a set of partial and higher order mutation operators implemented as opt passes on LLVM IR. Partial mutation operators allows for some subset of mutations to occur. For example, instead of removing all calls to pthread_join the user can specify which occurances to remove.

The passes do not modify the input LLVM bitcode file, this allows for easy process level concurrency to be obtained using the UNIX & operator. All possible combinations of mutations can still be created potentially with each opt pass running as it's own process. See ./scripts for some examples of scripts used to generate all combinations of mutants.

CCMutator comes with another tool ./combinations to generate numberical combinations for easier automation of mutant generation.


Most operators work similarly for both C++11 and POSIX (PThread) libraries.

Condition Variables

  1. Modify wait time for cond_timed_wait()
  2. Remove call to cond_wait()
  3. Remove call to cond_timed_wait()
  4. Switch cond_timed_wait() to cond_wait
  5. Remove call to cond_signal() (POSIX only)
  6. Remove call tocond_broadcast() (POSIX only)
  7. Replace call to cond_signal() with cond_broadcast() (POSIX only)
  8. Replace call to cond_broadcast() with cond_signal() (POSIX only)


  1. Remove lock-unlock pair
  2. Swap lock-unlock pairs
  3. Shrink critical section
  4. Expand critical section
  5. Split critical section
  6. Shift critical section


  1. Modify permit count on semaphore (POSIX only)


  1. Remove call to posix_yield() or sched_yield()

Volatile Keyword

  1. Remove volatile keyword from LLVM instructions

Thread Join

  1. Remove call to join()
  2. Replace call to join() with sleep()

Atomic Objects

All atomic operators only applicable to C++11

  1. Remove memory fence & n/a & \checkmark
  2. Modify memory fence ordering constraint
  3. Replace single-thread sync fence with cross-thread
  4. Replace cross-thread sync fence with single-thread
  5. Replace atomic load with non-atomic load
  6. Modify atomic load ordering constraint
  7. Replace single-thread sync atomic load with cross-thread
  8. Replace cross-thread sync atomic load with single-thread
  9. Replace atomic store with non-atomic store
  10. Modify atomic store ordering constraint
  11. Replace single-thread sync atomic store with cross-thread
  12. Replace cross-thread sync atomic store with single-thread
  13. Modify atomic read-modify-write ordering constraint
  14. Replace single-thread sync atomic read-modify-write with cross-thread
  15. Replace cross-thread sync atomic read-modify-write with single-thread
  16. Modify compare exchange ordering constraint
  17. Replace single-thread sync compare exchange with cross-thread
  18. Replace cross-thread sync compare exchange with single-thread


The tool was developed and tested using LLVM 3.2. The source code for LLVM 3.2 can be downloaded here: .

A configure script is provided that at least needs to have the following passed to it:

  1. --with-llvmsrc <Location of LLVM Source Code>
  2. --with-llvmobj <Location of LLVM Object Code>

For example:

./configure --with-llvmsrc=/home/markus/src/llvm-3.2.src/ --with-llvmobj=/home/markus/src/install-3.2/

./configure --help will list other available options.

Then simply run make and make install.

This creates a set of library files in <installDir>/lib.

If LLVM is not availible the shell script ./ will download LLVM 3.2, compile LLVM and then compile CCMutator. Installation will be relative to CCMutator top directory (the directory this README is in). The CCMutator library files will be located in ./install.


The result of installation is a set of library files that can be loaded by LLVM's opt using the -load flag.

./lib/ccmutate contains the source files and READMEs for each mutation operator. See these READMEs for information on using each individual operator. The operators also have test scripts that show examples of their use.


  • Parallel make (-j) appears to not work due to dependency issues

  • Using a different version of opt/clang/llvm than what is hooked up with CCmutator during ./configure can result in issues due to feature additions/changes.