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This is a vim plugin that provides additional handy bracket maps.

Shortcuts for cycling through arguments, buffers, qlist, llist and tag matches

You can go through the previous/next argument with [a, ]a and to first/last argument with [A and ]A.
Replace a with

  • b for buffers,
  • t for tag matches,
  • q for entries of the quickfix list,
  • l for entries of the location list.

Decoding/Encoding XML entities, URLs, C-strings

Use [ for encoding and ] for decoding, followed by

  • x for XML entities,
  • 6 for base64,
  • u for URL-encoding and
  • y for C strings. ([c and ]c are already used for jumping through changes in diff mode).

Additional shortcuts

[o, ]o : nagivate between files in the current directory (in alphabetic order)
[n, ]n : find previous/next conflict marker left by a SCM merge operation.
[e, ]e : exchange (swap) current line with {count}th line above/below
[<space>, ]<space> : add {count} blank lines above/below current