A Trello-like application built with React and Redux. Take a look at the live website:
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React Kanban

A server-rendered React app inspired by Trello.

react kanban example

Check out the live website


  • It has most of the features available on Trello, like creating and editing new cards, dragging around cards and so on.
  • Supports GitHub flavored markdown, which enables stuff like headings and checklists on the cards.
  • Works great on touch devices.

Tech stack


Setting up the full app with your own mongoDB instance and auth credentials for Twitter and Google sign-in requires significant effort. Use the simplified set up if you don't want to bother with that.

Simplified setup

# Clone the simple-dev branch which does not include db and social sign-in stuff
git clone https://github.com/yogaboll/react-kanban.git -b simple-dev

cd react-kanban

npm install

npm run build

# Open a second terminal window and run:
npm run serve

The app will run on

Full setup

git clone https://github.com/yogaboll/react-kanban.git

cd react-kanban

npm install

You need to add your own mongoDB url as well as auth credentials for the Google and Twitter sign in. You need to create a file with the name .env in the root directory with the following variables:


# Has to be port 1337
npm run build
npm run serve

For production deployment run:

npm run build:prod
npm run serve:prod