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Moto Score

Tally counter for motorcyclists to record tours and mistakes (i.e. everything you wouldn't do again like this).

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The prototype of this app was written and presented at "Hack The Ride," a hackathon held by BMW Motorrad in Barcelona in 2014.

How to use

Moto Score is intended to be used with a headset with a button on it.

Prepare the headset in a way that makes it very easy for you to press the button while riding.

Keep the button pressed for a full second to signal start or end of a ride. Your phone will vibrate for three seconds to confirm.

When riding, simply press the button to log a mistake. Your phone will vibrate for a second to confirm.

Moto Score will record the distance you've driven to give you a reference to compare rides.


Years ago, when I started riding motorcycles, I read The Upper Half of the Motorcycle in which the author suggests to record your mistakes to get aware of them.

By mistake he simply meant everything you wouldn't do again. Picked the wrong gear? Mistake. Catched yourself not looking far ahead? Mistake. Overtook where you shouldn't have? Mistake. You get the idea.

The thinking is, that the action of counting helps you to remember a mistake which prevents you from doing it again.

Consciously counting mistakes stimulates learning.

So I got myself a small little counter that I could wear on a glove and started counting. And while that worked for me a very long time, I finally wanted to use my smart phone to keep history of my rides.



The quality of tracking depends on the quality of your phone's GPS sensor. Just try. If you can only get a bad resolution, you may want to change the default values for GPS update requests in the settings. But be careful, the more updates you request, the more battery you're using.


Moto Score is open source and licensed under the MIT license.


Tally counter for motorcyclists to record mistakes to get better aware of them.








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