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A dock but in shape of a pie menu

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PieDock is a task bar and application launcher in shape of a pie menu. It feels a little bit like the famous OS X dock in a circle.


To experience the idea in action, try the WebPie demo or watch this video.


Requires a C++ compiler, headers and libraries of X11 and libpng. Xft and the X Rendering Extension (to make use of a compositing manager) are optional.

Runs on Linux, BSD and Solaris.


Manual configure, compile and install:

$ ./configure

Alternatively, for Gnome integration, run configure with:

$ ./configure --enable-gtk

Or for KDE use:

$ ./configure --enable-kde

To compile:

$ make

Then as root:

# make install-strip

Finally, you may want to invoke the setup script with normal privileges:

$ sh/setup

Or manually copy res/piedockrc.sample to ~/.piedockrc and modify it to meet your needs.


PieDock is open source and licensed under the MIT license.

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