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PieDock 1.5.0

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@markusfisch authored
36 contents/PieDock
@@ -24,17 +24,15 @@
<p>Latest version:
- <a href="downloads/PieDock-1.4.3.tar.bz2"
- class="Download">PieDock-1.4.3.tar.bz2</a></p>
+ <a href="downloads/piedock-1.5.0.tar.bz2"
+ class="Download">piedock-1.5.0.tar.bz2</a></p>
<li><p>For the impatient, there are pre-compiled binaries that
should work on any modern Linux:</p>
- <li><p><a href="downloads/PieDockInstant-i686.bin"
- class="Download">PieDockInstant-i686.bin</a></p></li>
- <li><p><a href="downloads/PieDockInstant-x86_64.bin"
- class="Download">PieDockInstant-x86_64.bin</a></p></li>
+ <li><p><a href="downloads/piedock-instant-x86_64.bin"
+ class="Download">piedock-instant-x86_64.bin</a></p></li>
<p>Give it a try with just one line:</p>
<pre>$ curl | sh</pre>
@@ -42,8 +40,8 @@
download the one that matches your architecture, open a
terminal, navigate to where you saved the file and
type (replace ARCH with your architecture):</p>
- <pre>$ chmod a+x PieDockInstant-ARCH.bin
-$ ./PieDockInstant-ARCH.bin</pre>
+ <pre>$ chmod a+x piedock-instant-ARCH.bin
+$ ./piedock-instant-ARCH.bin</pre>
<p>Those versions are configured to use your local icon resources,
so it may very well be possible, that you encounter some
question marks (place holder for missing icons).
@@ -76,10 +74,10 @@ $ ./PieDockInstant-ARCH.bin</pre>
<li><p>Download tarball above</p></li>
<li><p>Unpack tarball:</p>
- <pre>$ tar xjvf PieDock-x.x.x.tar.bz2</pre></li>
- <li><p>Change into the new directory "PieDock-x.x.x" and
+ <pre>$ tar xjvf piedock-x.x.x.tar.bz2</pre></li>
+ <li><p>Change into the new directory "piedock-x.x.x" and
compile it:</p>
- <pre>$ cd PieDock-x.x.x
+ <pre>$ cd piedock-x.x.x
$ ./configure
$ make</pre></li>
<li><p>If everything went well, install as root:</p>
@@ -132,15 +130,15 @@ $ make</pre></li>
class="External">gthumb</a> or
<a href=""
- <li><p>Create a directory named ".PieDock" in your home
+ <li><p>Create a directory named ".piedock" in your home
- <pre>$ mkdir ~/.PieDock</pre></li>
+ <pre>$ mkdir ~/.piedock</pre></li>
<li><p>Place all your PNG icons into this directory</p></li>
- <li><p>Create a ".PieDockrc" configuration file in
+ <li><p>Create a ".piedockrc" configuration file in
your home directory; you may use the enclosed
- "res/PieDockrc.sample" as a template:</p>
- <pre>$ cp res/PieDockrc.sample ~/.PieDockrc</pre></li>
- <li><p>Edit ".PieDockrc" to meet your requirements.
+ "res/piedockrc.sample" as a template:</p>
+ <pre>$ cp res/piedockrc.sample ~/.piedockrc</pre></li>
+ <li><p>Edit ".piedockrc" to meet your requirements.
The format of the file is very simple:
Each line begins with a statement and continues with
space-seperated arguments to this statement.
@@ -153,7 +151,7 @@ $ make</pre></li>
if there is a corresponding window. <em>icon</em> icons
do always appear. The statement accepts two arguments:
the name of the application (which must also be the name
- of the icon in "~/.PieDock/")
+ of the icon in "~/.piedock/")
and, optionally, a string to launch the application if
the first argument isn&#39;t enough to do that (i.e. a path
is required or you want to give some arguments).</p>
@@ -172,7 +170,7 @@ $ make</pre></li>
<p>There is a "utils" subdirectory which contains a
helpful utitlity to find the right settings.
Just change into this directory and do:</p>
- <pre>$ ./PieDockUtils -l</pre>
+ <pre>$ ./piedockutils -l</pre>
<p>A list of all open windows with their properties will
be displayed. Now you can use those values (always
prefer the class or name property) to set up
BIN  htdocs/About.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/Cpprc.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/PieDock.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/Readmail.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/WebPie.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/ZoomGrid.html.gz
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/downloads/PieDockInstant-i686.bin
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/downloads/PieDockInstant-x86_64.bin
Binary file not shown
2  htdocs/downloads/curl/PieDock/
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-readonly SRC="PieDock-1.4.2"
+readonly SRC="piedock-1.5.0"
readonly TAR="${SRC}.tar.bz2"
readonly URL=""
4 htdocs/downloads/curl/PieDock/
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
readonly ARCH=`uname -m`
-readonly BIN="PieDockInstant-${ARCH}.bin"
-readonly SRC="PieDock-1.4.2"
+readonly BIN="piedock-instant-${ARCH}.bin"
+readonly SRC="piedock-1.5.0"
readonly TAR="${SRC}.tar.bz2"
readonly URL=""
BIN  htdocs/downloads/piedock-1.5.0.tar.bz2
Binary file not shown
BIN  htdocs/downloads/piedock-instant-x86_64.bin
Binary file not shown
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