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Static site editor and generator for the web.


  • Generate a static web site from a tree of Markdown files.
  • Automatic generation of a nested site navigation.
  • Editor works on everything with a web browser. Even Opera Mini.

How to use


Simply clone this repository into your web root:

$ git clone

Then, create a contents directory within the new simsala directory:

$ mkdir simsala/contents

Your Markdown files will go there. To start, you may leave that empty. Next you need to create a layouts directory in simsala:

$ mkdir simsala/layouts

Put your layouts into that directory. For example, save this as contents.html in simsala/layouts:

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<title><?= $title ?></title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/screen.css"/>
<?= $this->nav() ?>
<?= $content ?>

Why contents.html? A layout file corresponds to a content file if it has the same name or the name of the directory in which the content file is in.

So the most basic layout is contents.html since all content files are in the contents folder.

Set password

Calculate the MD5 sum of the password you like to use to access the web interface. On Linux/BSD/OSX you can use md5sum:

$ printf 'your-password' | md5sum

Next, open simsala/index.php with a text editor and find this line:

$app = new App(
	// MD5 sum of your password
	'0cd9686c955f3fdfead2081e7cb9eb27' );

Put the MD5 hash between the single quotes.

Log in

Now, open your web site with /simsala in your web browser:

You should see a login form. Give your password and press Login.


Start creating files and folders as you like. At any time, you may press Publish to generate the HTML files in the directory that contains simsala.

Symbols & Methods

Simsala provides the following symbols and methods to be used in your layout files:

  • $title - name of a content file (- and _ are replaced with blanks)
  • $content - rendered content of a content file
  • $this->nav( $dir ) - nested navigation tree, argument is optional and defaults to content directory
  • $this->map( $dir ) - site map of given directory, argument is optional and defaults to content directory

Advanced use

If you're using git for your project, it's probably better to add a subtree instead of just cloning simsala into your project:

$ git subtree add --prefix simsala master --squash

That way you can always update simsala to the latest version with:

$ git subtree pull --prefix simsala master --squash


Static site editor and generator for the web








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