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Simple, searchable list of what to do around Nuremberg, Germany.
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Was machen?

Simple, searchable list of what to do around Nuremberg, Germany.


Because I think it's far too cumbersome to get an overview of what I can do in my free time. I just want to check one list instead of multiple web sites. Especially because some of them don't perform very well (I'm looking at you,

Others are quite helpful in their departement but lack content I am interested in. Mehrwert Zone, for example, gives a similar listing and even offers a location based search, but is lacking movie screenings.

Finally, I want this list to be as accessible as possible because I like to check my options when I'm out and about. So it should also load as fast as possible, even on a bad connection.


The following packages need to be installed to generate the static HTML pages:

$ pip3 install untangle requests


There's a Python script that's supposed to run on midnight that will generate a couple of static HTML pages in the given directory:

$ ./bin/ htdocs res/screen.css

The second argument is the style sheet to embed in the static HTML pages. The style sheet is embedded because it is quite small and embedding keeps browsers from showing unstyled content when on a bad connection.

In this repo, you can simply run make to regenerate the HTML files:

$ make

Now, you just need to put htdocs on a web server.

Content sources

Currently aggregates events and movie screenings from:

All content is property of those sources.

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