PHP application for administrating a music collection using PostgreSQL
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music-archive is a PHP application for administrating a music collection using PostgreSQL.


  • PHP enabled web server (e.g. Apache)
  • PHP 5.5+ with PostgreSQL support
  • PostgreSQL
  • A graphical browser with Javascript enabled (e.g. Firefox)
  • PHPUnit (only for development needed)


  1. Create a new database user with a password set.
  2. Create a new database.
  3. Set up the permissions of the new database.
  4. Make sure that password authentication for the new database and the new user is used.
  5. Edit php/config.php.tmpl with the details of the database connection and save it as php/config.php.
  6. Setup user authentication for the web server. A template file _htaccess is provided. Modify it and save it as .htaccess.
  7. Import the database structure. It is defined in the file 'database/schema.sql'.


If you have installed the application in the root folder of your web server you can access it from the same host under http://localhost/js/. If you have installed it under another path the URL changes accordingly.