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Multi-provider authentication with Omniauth

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Unsupported - kept as an archive...feel free to clone and update to Rails 4.0

Omniauth Buttons:

If you want to use Omniauth pure as a starting point in one of your applications, you just need to:
* add Omniauth to your gems
* generate a user model with whatever fields you like: rails generate model user name:string ...
* generate the service model: rails generate model service user_id:integer provider:string uid:string uname:string uemail:string
* generate the service controller: rails generate controller services
* set the secret for the cookie store in config/initializers/session_store!
* copy part of routes.rb
* copy the models service.rb and user.rb (or edit, if you already have a user model!)
* copy the code of the services_controller
* copy all views from services
* copy (parts of) the stylesheet
* and refer to the article for details...

June 2012 - Jorge Barnaby
Updated for Rails 3.2.6 and Omniauth 1.1.0
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