Simple Go script to track cryptocurrency portfolio value
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Running the program

The basic interface looks like this and there is no interaction possible at this time.

Go Cryptotracker

Please see the config.json.sample file for possible settings.

In order to run this download the latest zip file from the releases page and extract the contents in a folder. Rename the config.json.sample file to config.json and edit it as needed. Type ./golang-cryptotracker from a terminal to run it making sure the config file is in the same folder.

This script uses the CryptoCompare API which is free to use, please limit the number of requests you do, an interval of 60 seconds should be more than enough.

Build from source

Navigate to the project folder and type ´go run main.go´ in your terminal.

See config.json.sample on how to configure, rename config.json.sample to config.json before running.