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The SXA Styleguide is an education site based on SXA that helps explaining the inner working and illustrating best practices.

It should not be considered as a demo environment for SXA or Sitecore in general. For demo purposes we like to refer you to Habitat Home, the official demo environment maintained by Sitecore and available as open-source.


The Styleguide is built to support Sitecore Experience Platform 10.1 using Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) 10.1.

Quickstart (recommended approach)

You can install the styleguide on a Sitecore 10 instance with SXA 10.1 installed. Installation can be done using the package you can download from the releases page.

Development: Running the Stylguide on Docker


  1. Windows 1809 or higher, but prefer version 1909
  2. The latest Docker Desktop Docker Desktop
  3. From the Docker Desktop menu, you can toggle which daemon (Linux or Windows) the Docker CLI talks to. Select Switch to Windows containers to use Windows containers
  4. More information about running Sitecore on Docker can be found here

Starting the Styleguide

  1. Clone or copy the repository
  2. Open a powershell console (in administrator mode) and run .\Init.ps1 -LicenseXmlPath C:\PATH\TO\YOUR\License.xml

The script will

  • Retrieve and import SitecoreDockerTools module
  • Populate the environment file
  • Configure TLS/HTTPS certificates
  • Add Windows hosts file entries
  • Run the docker containers
  • Login to Sitecore and push serialized items


I would like to thank the following people for their support and contributions:


The code, samples and/or solutions provided in this repository are unsupported by Sitecore Support. Support is provided on a best-effort basis via GitHub issues.

It is assumed that you already have a working instance of Sitecore XM and all prerequisites prior to installing the demo. Support for product installation issues should be directed to relevant Community channels or through regular Sitecore support channels.


The code, samples and/or solutions provided in this repository are for example purposes only and without warranty (expressed or implied). The code has not been extensively tested and is not guaranteed to be bug free.