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Canon PowerShot A2200 1.00d settings

What is this?

This is a description of the Canon firmware settings we use at with Canon A2200 cameras with firmware 1.00d.

I've more or less successfully used CHDK 1.0.0 r1825 build for the Canon A2200 1.00d (build date 2012/04/27), as found on the CHDK forums. I've dumped a copy (DISKBOOT.BIN) in this repository.

Success for me means reliable remote shooting with two cameras simultaneously using lua shoot() commands over ptp using ptpcam on Debian. Gphoto2 is then used for downloading and deleting from the camera's sd card. See for a crude script that I hacked together to use with my book scanner.

The limitation seems to be focus distance overrides. If you want to override the autofocus distance, set the autofocus lock first, or the firmware will crash:

  • go to official Canon mode by pressing smiley face button if necessary
  • set camera wheel to P mode
  • focus
  • keep shutter button half pressed, press tulip button

The more recent CHDK 1.1.0 r19xx, build date 2012/07/02, as found on the CHDK forums, seems to crash hard when trying to lua shoot() over ptp.

Turn your camera wheel to P mode and adjust to the settings below.

Capture settings

  • AF Frame: center
  • AF Frame size: normal
  • Digital Zoom: off
  • AF-Point zoom: off
  • Servo AF: off
  • AF-assist beam: off
  • Flash settings:
  • Red-Eye Corr.: off
  • Red-Eye Lamp: off
  • i-Contrast: off
  • Review: off
  • Blink Detection: off
  • Disp. Overlay: off
  • Date Stamp: off

General settings

  • mute: off
  • volume:
  • start-up vol.: max (you want some confirmation that it's working!)
  • operation vol.: max
  • selftimer vol.: max
  • shutter volume: max (you want some confirmation that it's working!)
  • hints & tips: off
  • LCD brightness: max (I have an AC adapter. If you don't, you might want to change this.)
  • start-up image: none (might save a few extra bytes of camera memory?)
  • file numbering: continuous (consistence when downloading)
  • create folder: monthly (as little as possible)
  • lens retract: 1 min. (as long as possible)
  • power saving:
  • auto power down: off (I have an AC adapter. If you don't, you might want to change this.)
  • display off: 3 min. (as long as possible)

Various hints

  • Make sure you have enough light when testing, or the camera might refuse to capture!

See also