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Simple library for creating and running Api stubs in .NET.

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In many situations it comes handy if we're able to start a simple service that responds on certain routes with preconfigured static responses.

This is particularly important in integration testing, when we might want to replace some of our dependencies with a stub that can reliably provide the expected responses.

Stubbery is a library with which we can simply configure and start a web server that responds on particular routes with the configured results. It supports .NET Core and the full .NET Framework up from .NET 4.5.1.

The binaries are published on NuGet and you can find the source code on GitHub.

Basic usage

The following code sample shows how a simple stub can be started that responds on the route /testget with the string testresponse.

using (var stub = new ApiStub())
        (req, args) => "testresponse");


    var result = await httpClient.GetAsync(new UriBuilder(new Uri(stub.Address)) { Path = "/testget" }.Uri);

    // resultString will contain "testresponse"
    var resultString = await result.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

More details can be found in the Documentation and in the Api Reference.