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A package to help with exploring a Plone site.

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*Nobody expects the Plone inquisition!*


This package helps with getting insight in a foreign Data.fs.

Some Plone projects can start from scratch: the customer wants to make
a (new) start with Plone and there is no legacy to take into
account. Other projects start with a Plone site already in place.

In these situations it is often a big surprise what you are going to
have to deal with. Especially when migrating a site from one Plone
version to another. Typical questions are:

* What type of objects can I expect?

* What is the number of objects for type X?

* Where does most of the content live?

* Are there objects left of products that were once installed?

Mr.inquisition helps to get answers to these questions. This package has been
tested on Plone versions 2.5 and 3.x.


When you are using zc.buildout, the installation is quite simple. All you
need to do is make sure the ``mr.inquisition`` package is listed in the
``eggs`` and ``zcml`` sections, e.g.::

  eggs =

  zcml =

That's it.

If you want to use mr.inquisition on a site that doesn't use buildout or eggs,
you can also copy the ``inquisition`` folder from the mr.inquisition egg to the
``Products`` directory op your instance.


The mr.inquisition package offers a number of views which allow you to
gain insight in the ZODB at hand. Your best bet is to start with the
``@@inquisition`` view. This view lists all the options you've got.
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