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A simple static file server.


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A simple static file server. Can serve up multiple static directories, as defined by a simple JSON argument.


This was written to avoid writing tons of one off servers in golang to host local directories for testing. Instead of creating a one-off golang script each time I need to serve something, I created this.

It's also possible to do a similar task like this:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

But the golang variant seems to perform better for large files. It also allows for easily mapping URLs to directories.


From Binary

On the GitHub releases page, download the latest binary for your platform from the "Assets" dropdown. Rename the file to serv if you like, and add to a folder in your path.

From Source

$ go get


Get help

$ serv -help
Usage of serv:
-listen=":8080": Interface/port to listen on. eg. :8080 or
-paths="{\"/\": \".\"}": Paths to serve. A json object with the keys as the url pattern, and the value as the root. Default serves current folder.

Serve up current directory on port 8080

$ serv

Serve up current directory on port 6666

$ serv -listen :6666

Serve up current directory on port 8080, listening only on localhost

$ serv -listen localhost:8080

Serve up multiple directories

serv -paths '{
"/components/": "./web/web-app-dashboard/src/main/webapp/components",
"/elements/": "./web/web-app-dashboard/src/main/webapp/elements",
"/gen/": "./web/web-app-dashboard/src/main/webapp/gen",
"/resources/": "./web/web-app-dashboard/src/main/webapp/resources",
"/": "./web/web-app-dashboard/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/templates"