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A Serverless and GUI-less app that tracks your budget
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Jess is a Serverless and GUI-less app developed on top of IBM API Connect and OpenWhisk.

It's a super simple budget tracking app that uses text messages and Twilio. You send Jess text messages detailing your budget and any additions or subtractions to that budget. Jess responds with your current balance:


You can send one of 4 commands to Jess: Set, Get, Add, or Subtract. As long as your message includes one (and only one) dollar amount Jess will handle the rest.

Click here for more details, or try it out yourself at 949-TEL-JESS.

Note: Jess is experimental and using experimental services from Bluemix. It was developed for fun, and I wouldn't be surprised if you encounter the occasional hiccup. If you do please let me know!

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