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What is Service Design?

This video, and all the files used to make it are protected under the CC attribution, Noncommercial, share alike 4.0 International License. Which means we encourage you to make your own version, but we ask:

  1. That you atribute any content that you use to Yosef Shuman and Mark Whiting. (and ideally, link back to
  2. Do not use any of this content to make money
  3. Do not use a more restrictive license or copyright

We hope the community will work to make versions in other languages, and other improvements to what has already been done. Please let us know what you make so we can link to it here and on our other pages.

##How to participate

  1. Start by making a clone of our project folder. You'll probably want to make an account and download GitHub software to do that.
  2. Once you have all the files on your computer, use your own software to make any changes.
  3. When you have something you'd like to share with the community, you may submit a 'Pull Request' or make your own version here on GitHub.

GitHub provides further help on how to use it here.

##Additional Info

  1. Everything used in the creation of this video (textures, sounds, characters, music, etc.) can be found in the folder 'After Effects Files'.
  2. To assist in the creation of narration tracks in other languages, we have provided a version of the video exactly like the original, but with the vocal track removed.
  3. For anyone interested in creating a new subtitles track, the entire video script is available as an .RTF file
  4. If you make a subtitles track (instructions can be found here), please email the completed caption file to


This is the repository of files used to make the 'What is Service Design' video. Please check the readme at the bottom of the page to find out how to contribute.






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